Faculty of Architecture at the Warsaw University of Technology


The faculty of Architecture is one of the oldest faculties at the Warsaw University of Technology. It was founded in 1915 as the first modern architectural academic institution in Poland. Józef Pius Dziekoński was the first dean.

The Faculty of Architecture at the Warsaw Institute of Technology is one of the nine state schools of architecture in Poland. With 1200 students and 140 scholars, 20 professors included, this Faculty is one of the greatest domestic centres of science and didactics of architecture and urbanistic. Through its numerous international connections, the Faculty has become recognizable worldwide. The Faculty of Architecture is a member of a few European occupational associations: EAAE, ECAADE, AESPOP and a few American associations – ACSA and ACADIA. Annually there are approx. 60 students of architecture that have the opportunity to study for one or two terms at one of the 20 European architectural academic institutions within the Erasmus+ programme. Moreover, approx. 10 students one scholar a year and receive an opportunity to study/teach at the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Detroit, USA.

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